SW-200 Ink Washing System

Image Technology’s SW-200 ensures ink is thoroughly removed from mesh and frames/squeegees without harsh chemicals, abrasive scrubbing or excessive handling to ensure longevity of screen life.High-Volume side-loading unit is ideal for medium-to-larger sized facilities. Internal Housing: 1 – 8 Screens/Cycle, Capacity: up to 100 Screens/Hour, Screen Sizes: Up to 50" x 50", Power: 7.5 – 10 Horsepower, 3-phase safety motor, Drip Tray: 6 Feet, Features: Lower Labor Costs—Eliminates haze removal process, Programmable—Adjustable cycle time, Built-In Safety—Emergency systems and shut off, Premium Construction—Stainless steel, wide area non-clogging, washable filtration eliminates the need for replacement filters or filter bags., Reduced Noise—Premium construction allows for quieter operation. Adjustable Spray Areas—High-volume, non-clogging spray arms remove ink from both front & back of screen and frame. Enclosed System—Special pre-soak section uses recirculated chemicals to initiate ink breakdown, accelerating the washing process with drip tray. Also, minimizes occupational exposure to chemicals, and keeps moisture contained for a cleaner work environment.

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