The Epson P400 Printer Package is designed by Chromaline to deliver brilliant, high-quality photopositives and photonegatives. Lower your cost-per print by utilizing the P400’s ability to feed AccuJet rolls. Produce the deepest black prints by charging all 8 channels with Chromalines UV-blocking all black AccuInk Set.  All easily configured by the latest, FilmMaker v10 RIP software. Bonus: live phone & web support is available from trained Chromaline & CadLink reps!


  • Epson P400 Printer (sheet-fed up to 13” x 19” or roll-fed 13”x75’ rolls)
  • FilmMaker Version v10 DTP+ Chromaline Edition Software
  • Chromaline AccuInk All Black Cartridge Set (Made in USA)
  • Chromaline AccuJet Film 13” x 75’ roll (Made in USA)
  • Live technical support from North America

Windows installation only; Mac-compatible via network

Mail-in rebates may be available from Epson

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