If you're a screen printer, embroiderer, or other garment-decorating professional thinking about entering the world of direct-to-garment printing, there are no better companions than M&R’s M-Link and M-Link X digital textile printers. Both offer exceptional value, and M-Link X’s combination of speed and quality makes it superior to direct-to-garment digital printers costing more than three times as much. M-Link and M-Link X print T-shirts, sweatshirts, cut pieces, and most flat, smooth fabric surfaces. And they’re fast. M-Link prints white shirts in 45 to 60 seconds and dark shirts in two-and-one-half to three minutes. M-Link X is even faster, printing white shirts in an amazing 30 to 45 seconds and dark shirts in less than a minute. The phenomenal image quality is made possible by M&R's exclusive Absolute Position Technology™ (APT), high-speed, long-life industrial printheads (rated at 100 billion actuations per nozzle), DuPont™ Artistri® BRITE digital textile inks, and M&R’s proprietary i-Color™ RIP Software. Artistri® BRITE digital textile inks provide numerous advantages, including up to 40% color improvement compared to previous generation direct-to-garment inks and a pH balance that minimizes printhead issues like clogging. With color profiles designed specifically for Artistri® BRITE inks, i-Color™ RIP quickly converts digital art files into printed images with maximum sharpness, superior shading & tonal gradations, outstanding color accuracy, life-like skin tone representation, and minimal print time, enabling operators to turn out amazingly sharp text and line art with remarkable blending and photographic transitions.

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