XOLB159 Glacier Plus White combines all the best features of the Glacier low bleed series of white inks while holding excellent dot and fine line detail. XOLB159 has a very short body that shears apart quickly resulting in a super creamy ink. XOLB159 is a thicker, creamier version of XOLB158 with even higher bleed resistance making it an excellent low bleed ink. Glacier Plus has excellent opacity, coverage, printability, fiber mat down, and it is QCM's best dye blocking white ink.

- XOLB159 Glacier Plus White has a soft, creamy consistency that is very easy to print, but also has very high opacity.

- Designed for a wide selection of blends.

- Soft, creamy and easy to print. It has excellent opacity, good flash times and that incredible "whiteness.”

- Premium general purpose low-bleed.

- High detail increasing with mesh count.