Newman Drying Rack™

24 Shelves to hold MZX-UL 18" x 20" ID through M3-UL 25" x 36" OD frames. Powder Coated for protection and easy clean-up. Custom dual-durometer Shelve Edge Protector. Durable and replaceable. Open Design for Maximum Air Flow. Floor Dimensions: 68H x 40L x 28W. The dual-durometer Shelve Edge Protector ensures long lasting protection to your stretched screens. Too often, cheap racks and carts cause screens to tear from unprotected metal or wood shelves as they slide in and out of the racks or carts. Protect your investment with the Newman Roller Carts and Racks. Open design for maximum air flow to help speed up screen drying time and increase throughput. Accidents happen when frames are laying on floors. Needless time is spent carrying frames to each department. Protect your investment and get that job to each department safely and efficiently. You can't afford to lose another screen!

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