Quatro Direct to Film Transfer Printing System

The M&R QUATRO Direct to Film (DTF) Transfer Printing System is a modern and efficient method of applying vibrant, high-quality durable images onto a wide variety of garments, and fabric types.

The DTF process begins with the creation of a digital design on a computer. Once the design is finalized, it is printed onto a special PET film with a specialized digital inkjet printer using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White pigmented aqueous inkjet inks. After printing is complete, and while the ink is still wet, the transfer is prepared by applying a layer of adhesive to the print area.

Immediately after the adhesive has been applied, the final construction of film, ink, and adhesive is prepared for the transfer process by running it through a high efficiency infra-red drying system to cure the ink, and to fuse the adhesive to achieve a strong bond between the ink and the fabric, ensuring a durable and long-lasting print.

The garment is placed on a heat press and lightly pressed to remove excess moisture and to ensure that the fabric is transfer receptive. The film transfer is then laid on top of the garment in the correct alignment. The heat press is used to apply both heat and pressure, which activates the adhesive and causes the design to transfer from the film onto the fabric. The heat and pressure also ensure that the ink penetrates deeply into the fabric fibers, resulting in vibrant and vivid colors.

The M&R QUATRO 60 cm (24”) High-Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printer comes with a PC workstation with intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) and QUATRO HP RIP software - powered by CALDERA; four Epson i3200 print heads: two CMYK and two White; and a bulk ink system with white ink recirculation.

The M&R QUATRO Combination Adhesive Application System and Quartz Infrared Dryer includes an on-board bulk powder adhesive reservoir to promote continuous system operation; two base-mounted trays to capture excess powder adhesive for reuse; an Integrated exhaust filtration system; continuous temperature monitoring, and M&R’s “Positive Link System” to ensure accurate film tracking between the QUATRO printer, powder applicator and dryer.

A QUATRO system purchase includes three days of operator and maintenance training for two employees at M&R’s Roselle, IL SM&RT Academy; ongoing VIP access to M&R’s online Learning Management System (LMS) video support library and M&R 24/7/365 technical support hotline; and a startup consumables kit and a maintenance kit.

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