The Ultimate Clean-Up-Card

The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is an inexpensive, disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers. The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is designed to reduce clean-up times. They are simple to use and very convenient. They are also great for spreading pallet adhesive and block-out!

* Inexpensive - Only .3 cents each! Time and material savings exceed the cost of a card.

* Disposable - Use it once and throw it away. Who has time to clean plastic scrapers?

* Convenient - Keep a stack of cards at every press. Eliminate wandering workers looking for scrapers.

* Saves Time - Cleans screens and squeegees faster and more completely.

* Conserves Ink - Because the card cleans more effectively, less ink goes into the trash.

* Solvent and Water Resistant - No more build up of Plastisol-Chunkies as with chip-board cards. Ink wipes cleanly from card. Great for water-based inks too!

* Strong - Strong enough to scoop thick ink from the bucket. Saves time and gloves.

* Saves Supplies - Fewer towels and gloves are used. Less water and cleaning chemicals will be used.

* Cleans Scoop-Coaters - When the card is folded diagonally in half, the resulting profile will clean scoop coaters quickly and effectively. Less emulsion goes down the sink drain. Coater is washed and rinsed much faster because there is less emulsion on the coater to clean.

* Made in USA. - Manufactured in the USA using domestically produced raw materials.

* Biodegradable and Recyclable See your local recycling regulations for best method.